Final Plant Sale Listing for October 13th Plant Sale

Our October 13th plant sale is less than 2 weeks away.   Please mark your calendar, update your Ithing, tie a string on your finger or whatever works for you.

We’ve compiled our final listing of plants that will be offered so that you can plan ahead.  We will have perennials, herbs, trees and shrubs and a good selection of cool season vegetables.  The Coushatta Camellia Society will also be selling camellias.   We have even got a CLEARANCE section so you can happily save a little money!

Remember, the sale starts at 9:00 am.  If you get there at 8:00 AM, our Montgomery County Horticultural Agent will present an informative program highlighting plants in the sale, plant selection, and planting information.   Following the talk,  you are first in line for the sale!

See you there.  BYOW ( Bring You Own Wagon) as we sometimes run out

Fall 2012 MCMGA Plant Sale


Scientific /Alphabetical Name Common Name
Antigonon leptopus Dark Pink Coral Vine
Antirrhinum ‘Rocket Mix’ Snapdragon ‘Rocket Mix’
Asclepias currassavica Mexican Milkweed
Aster carolinianus Carolina Climbing Aster
Aster oblongifolius Fall Aster
Buddleia ‘Blue Chip’ Buddleia ‘Blue Chip’
Calendula ‘Art Shades’ Calendula ‘Art Shades’
Carex ‘Gold Strike’ Carex ‘Gold Strike’
Cestrum sp. Orange Cestrum
Clitoria ternatea Butterfly Pea Vine
Combretum constrictum Scarlet Powder Puff
Coreopsis ‘Cherry Lemonade’ Coreopsis ‘Cherry Lemonade’
Crinum ‘Hannibal’s Dwarf’ Crinum ‘Hannibal’s Dwarf’
Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’
Cuphea micropetala Mexican Cuphea
Dianthus ‘Melody Mix’ Dianthus ‘Melody Mix’
Dianthus ‘Melody Pink’ Dianthus ‘Melody Pink’
Dietes bicolor Butterfly Iris
Echinacea ‘Daydream’ Coneflower ‘Daydream’
Echinacea ‘Hot Papaya’ Coneflower ‘Hot Papaya’
Echinacea ‘Marmalade’ Coneflower ‘Marmalade’
Echinacea ‘Pow Wow White’ Coneflower ‘Pow Wow White’
Echinacea ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’ Coneflower ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’
Echinacea sp. Purple Coneflower
Echinacea ‘Quills and Thrills’ Coneflower ‘Quills and Thrills’
Eupatorium havanense White Mist Flower
Hemerocallis ‘Ebony Lamonite’ Daylily ‘Ebony Lamonite’
Hemerocallis ‘Plum Perfect’ Daylily ‘Plum Perfect’
Hibiscus coccineus Red Texas Star Hibiscus
Hibiscus coccineus alba White Texas Star Hibiscus
Hippeastrum X johnsonii Hardy Red Amaryllis
Iris hexagona Prairie Iris
Justicia aurea Yellow Justicia
Justicia brandegeana Variegated Shrimp Plant
Justicia fulvicoma Orange Shrimp Plant
Justicia spigicera Mexican Honeysuckle
Kalanchoe marginata Variegated Kalanchoe
Lantana ‘New Gold’ Lantana ‘New Gold’
Leucanthemum ‘Goldfinch’ Shasta Daisy ‘Goldfinch’
Lupinus texensis Bluebonnet
Lycoris aurea Yellow Spider Lily
Mascagnia macroptera Mexican Butterfly Vine
Millettia reticulata Evergreen Wisteria
Orthosiphon labiatus Pink Surprise Bush
Pennisetum ‘Princess Caroline’ Princess Caroline Grass
Penstemon ‘Dark Towers’ Penstemon ‘Dark Towers’
Petunia ‘Laura Bush’ Petunia ‘Laura Bush’
Quisqualis indica Rangoon Creeper
Rainlily sp. Rainlily sp.
Rhodophiala bifida Oxblood Lily
Rosa ‘Belinda’s Dream’ Rose ‘Belinda’s Dream’
Rosa ‘Drift Pink’ Rose Drift ‘Pink’
Rosa ‘Martha Gonzales’ Rose ‘Martha Gonzales’
Russelia sarmentosa Red Rocket Russelia
Salvia ‘Augusta Duelberg’ Salvia ‘Augusta Duelberg’
Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ Salvia ‘Black and Blue’
Salvia coccinea ‘Brenthurst’ Compact Pink Salvia
Salvia coccinea compacta Compact Red Salvia
Salvia greggii Salvia greggii  – Purple
Salvia leucantha Mexican Bush Sage
Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’
Scutellaria costaricana Skullcap ‘Red Fountains’
Solanum sp. Variegated Jerusalem Cherry
Stokesia laevis ‘Divinity’ Stokes Aster ‘Divinity
Thunbergia battiscombei Thunbergia ‘Mercer Blue’
Verbena ‘Civil War’ Verbena ‘Civil War’
Verbena ‘Passalong Pink’ Verbena ‘Passalong Pink’
Acanthus mollis Bear’s Breeches
Acanthus ‘Whitewater’ Bear’s Breeches ‘Whitewater’
Alocasia ‘Hilo Beauty’ Alocasia ‘Hilo Beauty’
Aquilegia hinkleyana Yellow Columbine
Aristolochia gigantea Giant Dutchman’s Pipevine
Athyrium ‘Pewter Lace’ Painted Fern ‘Pewter Lace’
Azalea ‘Koromo Shikibu’ Azalea ‘Koromo Shikibu’
Barleria cristata Phillipine Violet
Barlaria cristata ‘Bright Lights’ Phillipine Violet ‘Bright Lights’
Bilbergia nutans Queen’s Tears Bromeliad
Colocasia ‘Diamond Head’ Colocasia ‘Diamond Head’
Colocasia ‘Jack’s Giant’ Elephant Ear ‘Jack’s Giant’
Ctenanthe oppenheimiana Never Never Plant
Dianella tasmanica variegata Variegated Flax Lily
Drimiopsis maculata African Hosta
Eucomis ‘Freckles’ Pineapple Lily ‘Freckles’
Eucomis ‘Oakhurst’ Pineapple Lily ‘Oakhurst’
Hosta ‘Stained Glass’ Hosta ‘Stained Glass’
Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’ Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’
Hydrangea ‘Penny Mac’ Hydrangea ‘Penny Mac’
Hydrangea quercifolia Oak Leaf Hydrangea
Jacobinia ‘Thelma’s Pink’ Jacobinia ‘Thelma’s Pink’
Matteuccia struthiopteris ‘The King’ King Ostrich Fern
Odontonema strictum Pink Firespike
Odontonema strictum Red Firespike
Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Goshiki’ Goshiki False Holly
Osmunda spectabilis Royal Fern
Pteris ensiformis variegata Variegated Brake Fern
Rhoeo tricolor Moses-in-the-Boat
Rivina humilis Pigeonberry
Tricyrtis ‘Alice Staub’ Toadlily ‘Alice Staub’
Camellia Betty Sheffield
Camellia Brother Rose
Camellia Buttermint
Camellia Cara Mia
Camellia Carter’s Sunburst
Camellia Carter’s Sunburst Pink
Camellia Charlean
Camellia Cheerleader
Camellia Christmas Beauty
Camellia Gunsmoke
Camellia Gustav Gerbing
Camellia Hana Jiman
Camellia Helen Bower
Camellia Joy Kendrick
Camellia Kickoff
Camellia Kramer’s Supreme
Camellia Little Babe Variegated
Camellia Magic City
Camellia Mansize
Camellia Marie Bracey
Camellia Martha Israel
Camellia Mrs. Jimmy Davis
Camellia Mrs. Jimmy Davis Pink
Camellia Pink Empress
Camellia Pink Snow
Camellia Seafoam
Camellia Shi Shi Gashira
Camellia Something Beautiful
Camellia Spring Mist
Camellia Taylor’s Perfection
Camellia Yume
Acer skutchii Mexican Sugar Maple
Aleurites fordii Tung Oil Tree
Aloysia virgata Almond Verbena
Bauhinia sp. Orchid Tree
Brugmansia ‘Inca Sun’ Angel Trumpet ‘Inca Sun’
Callicarpa acuminata ‘Woodlanders’ Woodlanders Beautyberry
Cinnamomum chekiangensis Hardy Cinnamon Tree
Clerodendron buchananii Pagoda Flower
Duranta erecta ‘Alba’ White Duranta
Erythrina herbacea Coral Bean
Feijoa sellowiana Pineapple Guava
Halesia diptera Two Winged Silverbell
Hamelia patens Hummingbird Bush
Hibiscus syriacus Rose of Sharon – Double Purple
Itea virginica ‘Sarah Eve’ Virginia Sweetspire ‘Sarah Eve’
Juniperus virginiana Eastern Red Cedar
Kerria japonica Japanese Rose
Lespedeza ‘Little Volcano’ Lespedeza ‘Little Volcano’
Mahonia aquifolium Oregon Grape
Mahonia fortunei Chinese Mahonia
Malpighia sp. Barbados Cherry
Malvaviscus drummondii Pam’s Pink Turk’s Cap
Michelia figo Banana Shrub
Punica ‘Orange Master’ Pomegranate ‘Orange Master’
Quercus michauxii Swamp Chestnut Oak
Serissa ‘Kyoto’ Serrissa ‘Kyoto’
Spirea japonica ‘Neon Flash’ Spirea ‘Neon Flash’
Tabernaemontana ‘Flore Pleno’ Carnation of India
Tecomaria capensis Cape Honeysuckle
Viburnum luzonicum Luzon Viburnum
Viburnum obovatum ‘Mrs. Schiller’s’ Viburnum ‘Mrs. Schiller’s
Vitex agnus-castus Pink Chaste Tree
Vitex agnus-castus Pink Chaste Tree
Calamintha nepeta ‘White Cloud’ Catmint ‘White Cloud’
Chives Garlic
Cilantro Cilantro
Dill Dill
Fennel Green
Hypericum sp. St John’s Wort
Marjoram Sweet
Oregano Italian
Oregano Greek
Parsley Curly
Parsley Italian
Rosemary Arp
Rosemary Arp
Rosemary Barbeque Rosemary
Rosemary Hill Hardy
Rosemary Prostrate Rosemary
Sage Sage
Tagetes lucida Mexican Mint Marigold
Tarragon Russian
Thyme English
Citrus/Fruit Trees
Almond Garden Prince Dwarf
Avocado Opal
Avocado Wilma
Blackberry Arapaho Thornless
Blackberry Quachita Thornless
Fig Hardy Chicago
Fig Hollier
Fig Lemon
Fig LSU Gold
Fig LSU Purple
Grape Darlene Muscadine
Grape Ison Muscadine
Grape Mortensen Hardy
Grapefruit Rio Red
Jujube Contorted
Jujube Sugar Cane
Kiwi Hardy Issai
Lemon Dwarf Pondersosa
Lemon Improved Meyer
Lemon Variegated Pink
Lime Kaffir
Lime Thornless Key
Orange Moro Blood
Peach Eldorado Miniature
Pear Hosui Asian
Pear Keifer
Pomegranate Ambrosia
Pomegranate Eversweet
Pomegranate Pink Satin
Pomegranate Red Silk
Pomegranate Sweet
Asian Greens Hon Tsa Tai
Asian Greens Mizuna, Green
Asian Greens Mizuna, Purple
Asian Greens Tatsoi
Broccoli Major
Broccoli Packman
Brussel Sprouts Champion (Bubbles PS Hybrid)
Brussel Sprouts Diablo
Cabbage Pigeon Purple
Cabbage Pigeon Red
Cabbage Pigeon White
Cabbage Point One
Cabbage Ruby Perfection
Cabbage Savoy Express
Cauliflower Cheddar Hybrid
Cauliflower Purple Graffiti
Cauliflower Snow Crown
Chinese Cabbage China Express Hybrid
Collards Champion
Kale Blue Curled Vates
Kale Coral Queen-Red
Kale Nagoya Red
Kale Red Redbor
Kale Toscana (Dinosaur)
Kohlrabi Early White Vienna
Kohlrabi Early Purple Vienna
Lettuce Buttercrunch
Lettuce Deer Tongue Green
Lettuce Red Sails
Mustard India Red Giant
Pak Choi Joi Choi Hybrid
Pak Choi Red Choi
Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Swiss Chard Sea Foam Swiss
Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’
Asimina triloba Pawpaw
Centrantherum intermedium Brazilian Buttonbush
Cephalanthus occidentalis Buttonbush
Cordia boissieri Texas Olive
Crataegus opaca Mayhaw
Crinum sp. Red Leaf
Crinum sp. Large White
Cuphea ‘David Verity’ Cigar Plant ‘David Verity’
Hibiscus mutabilis Confederate Rose
Hibiscus trionum ‘Simply Love’ Hibiscus ‘Simply Love’
Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’ Hosta ‘Sum and Substance’
Iochroma cyaneum Purple Iochroma
Orthosiphon stamineus White Cat Whiskers
Pentas lanceoata ‘Raspberry’ Penta ‘Raspberry’
Pentas lanceolata ‘Red’ Penta ‘Red’
Pentas lanceolata ‘Wihte” Penta ‘White’
Prunus mexicana Mexican Plum
Punica granatum ‘Nana’ Dwarf Pomegranate
Salvia clevelandii Chapparal Sage
Salvia elegans Pineapple Sage
Salvia greggii Salvia greggii  – Dark Pink
Salvia guaranitica ‘Argentine Skies’ Salvia ‘Argentine Skies’
Stachytarpheta jamicensis

Blue Porterweed Purple